Bands, Pipes & Drums

The Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games offers competitions for bagpipers, drummers, and full bands.

Pipers will play marches and piobaireachd tunes(pronounced pea-brook). Piobaireachd is an ancient form of bagpipe music which starts with a simple melody and builds from that base to more complex musical movements. They will also play Strathspeys (a dance tune), and Reels (more dance music). Drummers compete with March sets. Competitors are judged on the ability to stay in tune and the ability to play with precision.

The Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games offers three levels of Band Competition:
Grade V (the entry level), Grade IV and Grade III. Bands will compete in a marked circle on the competition field and will play a medley of Marches, Strathspeys and Reels, as well as standard March sets. Bands are judged on proper starts and stops, musicality, ability to stay in tune, and precision of play.

Spectators are encouraged and welcomed to watch any of the competitions. Competitions take place on the softball field, where elevated stand seating is available to insure you can see all the action.


2017 Entry Forms



For questions, please contact Director of Piping and Drumming John Rose at or

 (865) 310-2766

The Piping & Drumming Workshop

For 2017 the SMSF&G are hoping to repeat the very popular Piping & Drumming Workshop which was held just a few blocks from the festival venue at the Blount County Boys & Girls Club in Maryville, TN. 2017 details are still to be determined but if you wish to get a feeling or impression of what we expect for 2017 check out the promotional flyer from 2016 below and be sure to check back here often for 2017 information.

2016 Piping Workshop Flyer

2016 EUSPBA Competition Results