Family pride is on the line

Cheer on your favorites as athletes, musicians, dancers, and even dogs compete for the honor of the top titles at the Smoky Mountain Highland Games. Click on our links to find more information about the various competitions you will be able to watch—and maybe you’ll even sign up next year to compete for your own bragging rights!


The athletic competitions practically symbolize the Scottish Games. Be a witness to these tests of brute strength and cheer on your favorite athlete.

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Clan Challenge

The Clan Challenge consists of the Kilted Mile run, the battle axe throw, the bonniest knees contest, the ladies haggis hurl, a second battle axe competition, and the Clan triathlon relay.

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Bands, pipes & drums

Individual piping and drumming competition! Band competition! Who will take top honors at the end of the day?

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Dancers, we look forward to having you with us this year. Join us and get footloose in the Foothills!

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