Clan Challenge

The Clan Challenge highland athletic competition on Saturday consists of the Kilted Mile run, the battle axe throw, and the bonniest knees contest. On Sunday we'll finish with the the ladies haggis hurl, a second battle axe competition, and the Clan triathlon relay. There will also be a judging of the best clan tent.

Any member of a Clan society is entitled to participate with just one caveat: only one person may represent a Clan, with the exception of the relay, and they must wear the clan tartan.The winning clan as determined by overall points will be awarded a trophy in recognition.

Select your clan challenge team members and sign up on the field at the Clan Challenge Tent!

Kilted Mile Run

9:00 AM Saturday

This is an individual event where each participant will run a distance of one mile. All participants are required to wear a kilt. Scoring is based on time over the distance. Medals awarded for the fastest runner in each age group. Event to include men and women. Kilted Mile (age classes):
Open (15-39y)
Master (40-49y)
Senior (50-64y)
Super Senior (65+) 

Battle Axe Throw

Saturday 3:00 PM and Sunday 2:00 PM
Warrior Area near Main Entrance - Kids and Clan members - must be 12+ years old

All axes (tomahawks) must be of traditional style, metal head and wooden handle or shaft. No modern, all steel integral head and shaft models. Wooden handles must be between 15 and 19 inches measured from bottom tip of handle to top of hawk head. The cutting edge of the hawk blade must be no longer than 4 inches. The hawk must make one full revolution and stick in the target with the handle pointing down. The throwers' score will be the closest ring to center of the target that the blade cuts. The hawk must remain in the target long enough for the judge to score. The minimum distance line from the target will be 12 feet. Overstepping the "trig" will disqualify that individual throw.

Bonniest Knees

Saturday 1:00 PM in the Beer Tent

Judging by the ladies of the highlander laddie with the "bonniest" knees. Will require three judges selected from the female spectators. These judges will be blindfolded sitting on chairs. Contestants will stop in front of each judge to allow the judge to feel their knees in order to make a determination. Judges will indicate to the scorer via number of fingers held behind their back (one to five, five being the highest), their opinion of the presented knees. Highest overall score shall be the winner. Lowest score shall receive the "boniest" knees award! "Feel" offs have been known to occur. Over exuberant feeling by judges shall be discouraged!

Ladies Haggis Hurl

Sunday 1:30 PM at Kid Event/Clan Challenge Tent area

This is an event for the ladies. Event perhaps can be traced back to a lassie "hurling" her husband's lunch (haggis) across a stream (burn). Each participant will hurl the haggis (a weighted shot bag) as far as they can; while standing on a half barrel! Farthest distance wins. Each participant will be given two free throws prior to the actual throw for distance.

Clan Triathlon Relay

Sunday 11:00 AM on Main Field

This team event is a timed group of activities that test the strength and stamina of the highlander while testing the combined skills of a warrior. The first participant will run 50 yards to station #1 where they will throw 3 battle axes for points. The second team member will run back 50 yards carrying a "scaling ladder" (or hay bale) to station #2. The third team member will throw the 16 lb. stone for distance and will then run 50 yards to the finish line. Winning team will be determined by best overall time; longest stone throw distance, and number of battle axe points scored. Clans: select your team members and sign up today!