Our Tasting will feature a range of Scotches selected to give you a taste of different characters and a healthy dose of fact, history and humor. With any luck, terms like "single malt,” “blended,” “peaty,” and  “Speyside” will make perfect sense. We guarantee to make learning fun!

Just a few helpful hints:

1. Our tastings are informal and may be unlike other events you have attended. The objective is not to sell you a bottle, but to entertain while we give you some insights as we all experience some fine scotches. 

2. You may want to take a light repast before you attend. Garlic and spicy foods are discouraged as they may deaden the senses a wee bit. You wouldn’t want that.

3. No children, please, or adults under 21 years of age. Sorry: we don’t make local civil law, but we are obliged to follow it.